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Bison Leather Custom Tapered Name Collar - Custom Branded with Name and Phone Included

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  • These are beautiful deep tan handmade, Bridle Tanned Bison Leather, 2-Ply Tapered Collars with hand rubbed, rounded edges. With solid brass hardware and a leather keeper. A unique collar that is not only beautiful and an attention-getter, it retains its buttery softness making it extremely comfortable for your dog.

  • We then uniquely customize each collar specifically for you, at no additional cost, by laser branding your dog's name in large letters, in Block Style (see Tapered Collar Sample in attached photo) or by special request Cursive Style, and, if desired, a smaller size contact phone number across the wide band of the collar. Also available without laser customization at a reduced cost. Please contact us directly for pricing without branding.    

  • NOTE: Make sure the spelling and phone number are correct when submitting your order, as we can not be responsible for incorrect information.

  • The Bridle Tanned Bison is made by using only natural vegetable extracts (tree bark) by soaking in vats for at least 30 days.  The tanned hides are "stuffed" with oils by hand to give the leather extraordinary beauty, strength, and durability. 
    All sizes taper down to 1" at the Buckle.

    Sizes Available:
    1 1/4" x 14" 
    1 1/4" x 16" 
    1 1/4" x 18" 
    1 3/4" x 18" 
    1 3/4" x 20" 
    1 3/4" x 22" 
    1 3/4" x 24" 

  • We take great pride in providing premium collars to our customers. As dog lovers, we need a way to identify our dogs by their owners and to keep them safe! That’s why we are dedicated to providing high-quality collars that are guaranteed to be durable, beautiful, and customizable.

    We understand that buying a collar online can be confusing. So feel free to contact us directly to answer any of your questions. We make it easy to know the right size collar you need for your dog(s) before you make an investment. Here is the best way to measure your dog’s neck for one of our collars: use a measuring strip that is marked in inches, or use a string that can be placed next to a measuring tape later. Loosely wrap the measuring tool around your dogs neck. Then, loosen it so that one or two fingers fit snugly between the tool and your dogs neck. You now know what size you need! If the tool doesn’t have measurement markings, measure the length with a tape measure. You now have the correct length to use when ordering our collars, which are promised to last for years. (Please refer to the warranty section of our webpage for specific warranty details).

    When customizing a collar please recheck to assure that spelling and numbers are correct before submitting your order! We cannot assume responsibility for misspelling or a wrong phone number if the information provided to us is not accurate.

    Measurement Guide:
    MEASURE YOUR DOG'S NECK. If it's 18" loosely, our 18" collar will fit. If it's 14" our 14" collar will fit.


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Color Disclaimer

Colors may vary from hide to hide as they are natural products that have been through a tanning and dyeing process. The colors shown on the website are the best examples of colors regularly used and I will do my best to match the display photos. However, if you receive a product and the color is not what you expected, please contact me for a store credit return for another color, provided the leash has not been used. I will do my best to accommodate you.