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Gentle Command Tips



The Answer: The Gentle Command Leash / Collar System

by: Sedona Leather Company LLC


We have all learned what doesn’t work, we’ve tried Prong collars, Kidney belts, muzzles and so many other so called, ‘great inventions’ that are cruel and ineffective. Every ‘great idea’ seems to be based on making the owner more comfortable when the dog pulls and more pain for the dog.

OUR MISSION is to end the use of harmful products used under the premise of training.  No more Prong Collars, No more straps around the nose that restricks breathing, no more belts around the kidneys .  We do not need to use corporal punishment to train a dog.

What if we stopped reacting to undesirable behavior with force and started with the Gentle Command System that clearly communicates what we want the dog to do before, rather than reacting after?

Let's be clear, the difference is training!   Nothing compares to a well trained dog.  Your dog learns what you show and train them, they learn from us.

 I can not condone training by fear and force and believe in non corporal punishment training.   I have seen the results of positive communicative training first hand.  By communicating clearly what action we desire the dog to do, without force or pain.   For example, If we pull them, they pull us. Yes, sometimes we must be stern, but not so stern that the message is lost.                                    

(As a disclaimer, Some dogs will need professional training and help to overcome past experiences).

Training is not just for the dog…It’s really a dance.   It requires a dedication to patience, respect (from both dog and owner) and clear gentle communication. The owner must learn how to gently communicate commands and the dog must understand what the owner is asking of them.   The owner must then lead the dog, showing them what is expected.   Our program shows you how to do this in clear directions and also reinforced in clinics we hold .

Failure usually results from the owner wanting to forcibly control the dog, and the dog responding to that forced response, rather than clearly repeating the command and leading.   (And yes, as we have all seen, some owners who need professional help also to overcome their past experiences).

The Gentle Command system is more than just a tool, it's a new start, a new approach.   Doing the same thing over and over will get you the same results.   So, if getting upset and force isn't working for you or your dog, it's time for a new approach.   First You need the right effective leash and collar, The Gentle Command System; By Sedona Leather company LLC is a leash that stays in the right position.   Other leashes on the market today have a collar or harness and connect to a leash that slides or turns on the dog’s neck to the direction the owner or holder of the leash takes , usually next to the dog.   Therefore each time the leash is pulled on you pull the dog sideways invoking a negative reaction by the dog to pull back.

The time to tell the dog what you wish it to do is not after the wrong action but before with a Gentle Command System.    Dogs want to please you with their good behavior and be rewarded with fun walks and activities.   But until now, owners did not have the necessary method for communicating in a way the dog could understand.

So, how do we clearly and gently communicate our commands to our dog?
Well we start with what the dog already knows and was taught at a very early age by their mother and reinforced by lead dogs in the pack.   That is how the Gentle Command Collar / Leash system works.

This Gentle Command system works by simulating the action of a mother dog teaching and correcting her puppies with a loving gentle short grip around their neck to gain their attention.  Which, I believe dogs retain and remember, and therefore respond to this action without much resistance.

The Gentle Command, by using a ergonomic design that (when used correctly)  keeps the collar, leash and owners hand in line down the center of the dogs back, rather than allowing the collar and leash to migrate to left or right side of the dog, which results a sideways pulling on the dog.  The same reaction you would have if someone were pulling you forcibly, you would pull back.

Prong collars use aggressive force and cause pain and injury to your dog.   Other methods use restrictive force over the nose of your dog or worse a strap around your dog's kidneys.

The Gentle Command is designed not to pull on the dog and is not be use with force.   Rather the owner will gently and quickly retract the collar around the neck, with very light pressure, as the command is given. Then, release the pressure allowing it to loosen and the dog responds.   By using both this design and the gentle but firm collar grip to reinforce the dog's attention to the command you have a system that builds a more respectable partnership between owner and the dog.     Rarely is force used and if so only lightly and quickly in a command. In fact, correct use of this leash is with a very light, loose relaxed grip on the leash by the owner.  There are no metal or any type prongs which dig into the dog's neck. No straps over the nose to reduce breathing. No straps around the kidneys to inflict pain like used in other methods and systems.  The Gentle Command Collar / Leash system is meant to gently communicate with the dog. Our system, is ergonomically designed for successful communication with your dog.

We are Continuously testing and marketing our Gentle Command Collar / Leash system. Many people bring us their dogs, we have seen amazing results and responses.   Dogs that had to be brought to us using two leashes and two people to control them have almost immediately dramatically reduced their pulling and responded to the owner's commands.

Don't just take our word for it , ask our customers.

The Gentle Command Collar / Leash system’s unique designs are safe, effective, high quality and stylish.   Our products and accessories are Handcrafted from quality soft leather which is comfortable to both the owner and dog. We offer you and your dog, Old World Craftsmanship and Start of the Art design. A Leash that will last a lifetime... in fact we guarantee it.. A leash you will be proud to own.

Color Disclaimer

Color may vary by leather lot and availability. The colors shown are close and best examples of colors we regularly use. Each hide dye lot is slightly different. We will do our best to match our display photo's, rarely do we have an issue as we try to keep photo's current. However, if you receive a leash and the color isn't what you wish you may contact us for a store credit return for another color, provided the leash has not been used. We will do our best to accommodate you.