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Bison & Elk Lined Bridle Leather Dog Traffic Leads

Bison & Elk Lined Bridle Leather Dog Traffic Leads  12" long    

Smooth flat finish   Available in 8 colors

Bridle Leather:  Bridle Leather refers to a finishing process. Bridle leather is stuffed with oils and finished with wax, on both sides, to attain a beautiful finished surface. Historically, bridle leather is reminiscent of traditional English bridle bags, and one of our most durable and classic offerings.  Our American Elk skin provides an extremely soft and supple surface for your hand, and holds up to repeated wet & dry conditions, while retaining it's buttery softness.

Made from the exact same Leathers to Create a Matching 12" Traffic  Lead for our Bridle Bison leather Collars.

Color Disclaimer

Color may vary by leather lot and availability. The colors shown are close and best examples of colors we regularly use. Each hide dye lot is slightly different. We will do our best to match our display photo's, rarely do we have an issue as we try to keep photo's current. However, if you receive a leash and the color isn't what you wish you may contact us for a store credit return for another color, provided the leash has not been used. We will do our best to accommodate you.