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Our handmade leather dog leashes, collars, and handmade leather horse reins are made from high quality leather to specific specifications to assure your satisfaction. Our Gentle Command Collar and Leash Training System is our own custom design, to provide an effective method to train your dog without the use of corporal punishment or harmful devices. The Gentle Command is very unique and different from everything else on the market as it doesn't react to negative behavior with corporal punishment, cruel painful devices or harsh treatment, but rather is a humane way to issue a gentle command that the dog understands and does so at the time we issue the command, and so the dog knows what we expect. We offer a collection of leather dog leashes in various styles and designs. You can find leashes for small dogs, a two handle metropolitan leash, a two-dog leash, and the classic style dog leashes. Our leather horse reins are high quality and include styles like Romel reinsRoper reins, and Trail Rider split reins

The price you see includes shipping and handling for purchases $150.00 and above!  Purchases below $150.00 has a flat shipping charge of $ 6.00  Of course, there is an exception for expedited shipping, in which case, just contact us, and you will only be charged what additional cost we have to incur.  Shipping outside the United States will be an additional charge. Please contact us for those fees.

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Dr Becker on retractable leashes

March 08, 2018

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Where to find us at shows
Where to find us at shows

June 03, 2015

Stay up to date with the latest shows and events we'll be attending, and we'll see you there!

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Color Disclaimer

Color may vary by leather lot and availability. The colors shown are close and best examples of colors we regularly use. Each hide dye lot is slightly different. We will do our best to match our display photo's, rarely do we have an issue as we try to keep photo's current. However, if you receive a leash and the color isn't what you wish you may contact us for a store credit return for another color, provided the leash has not been used. We will do our best to accommodate you.