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About us

How We Do Business

We have developed solid business beliefs and practices,  that have guided us in the way we do business.  Here's who we are and how we do business.


There is a difference.

Price is what you pay for something. Cost is the difference of what you pay for something and what you get out of it.

Quality cost nothing, it pays for itself. You will never tire of good quality. On the other hand, the sweetness of a cheap price often sores from poor quality and a shorten product life.

There is no product that someone cannot cheapen with less quality just to reduce selling price. The result is reduced customer satisfaction.

We could have our leather, machine braided rather then hand braided. We could skip the final visual inspection by an individual. We could have it manufactured outside the united states for less money. These shortcuts would be faster and less expensive. But you would not be happy and neither would we.

We believe in the quality and pride of american made products. Our products are made with old world craftsmanship with a state of art design. We believe in giving you, our customer, the very best we can offer.

We believe in backing our handmade braided leather products with a lifetime workmanship guarantee.

Pricing is subject to change due to rising cost of leather and costs of operation we can not guarantee our prices will not change.  We do our best to keep our products reasonably priced.  But we will never jeopardize our quality.  For all items sold and not yet delivered prior to a price increase, the lower price will be honored.

Color Disclaimer

Color may vary by leather lot and availability. The colors shown are close and best examples of colors we regularly use. Each hide dye lot is slightly different. We will do our best to match our display photo's, rarely do we have an issue as we try to keep photo's current. However, if you receive a leash and the color isn't what you wish you may contact us for a store credit return for another color, provided the leash has not been used. We will do our best to accommodate you.