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Sedona Braided Leather Gentle Command Training Leash / Collar System

Our Gentle Command Training Leash and Collar System is a gentle, and proven method to communicate with your dog, which encourages proper behavior without pulling, without harsh methods or pronged collars.

This system uses positive communication at time of command. It DOES NOT use corporal punishment as other dog collars and leashes do.  It works  without painful prong collars, straps around their nose or around there body ­­no fighting or pulling.  This system is gentle and very effective. When used correctly, you will have your dog walking calmly right next to you immediately. Your dog will respond to your commands   without any pulling, fighting or delays. It's all in our proprietary design and comes  with complete directions for your success. The Gentle Command leash  and collar system is designed for medium size dogs and large size dogs. approximately 35  pounds's and above.

Color Disclaimer

Colors may vary from hide to hide as they are natural products that have been through a tanning and dyeing process. The colors shown on the website are the best examples of colors regularly used and I will do my best to match the display photos. However, if you receive a product and the color is not what you expected, please contact me for a store credit return for another color, provided the leash has not been used. I will do my best to accommodate you.