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The Gentle Command Leash and Collar Dog Training System

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    So how long do you go on fighting or struggling with your dog on your walk?   Do you spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on a trainer who teaches the  dog to obey him out of fear or pain.   Our use our very effective  " Gentle Command" Training System. Using positive communication at time of command.  It does not use corporal punishment as other collars and leashes do.An has received amazing praise and feedback from our customers.. Please read our reviews.  As with all our products, It is made with the Highest quality materials.   All in a beautiful design.  You will find our system much less expensive  with much faster results without the cost or hassle of other training methods, .    


     By using a gentle proven method of Learning a language your dog understands. Our "Gentle Command" uses Intuitive communication with you dog and encourages proper behavior without pullingWithout harsh pronged collars, Without straps around their nose or around their body, Without fighting or Pulling. Our system is gentle and very effective. When used correctly you will have your dog walking calmly right next to you almost immediately. Your dog will respond to your commands without any pulling, fighting or delays.  It's all in our proprietary design and comes with complete directions for you success. 

  • Beautiful  Luxurious Designer leather design

    I asked a customer once those lessons with a trainer, that didn't work,  what did they cost you ...His answer was " My Dignity"   If you are pulling on a dogs leash and fighting with them, the natural reaction by your dog is to pull back.  With our Gentle Command System, there is no pulling, just a quick gentle harmless reminder that has your dog paying attention and understanding your commands. No dog wants to fight with you; rather, they want to please you.  But most of the time, the communication isn't there. Instead you are fighting and trying to force them. NO MORE…not with our system.  Yes, some dogs will need professional training, and some owners will need professional assistance.  But our experience and studies at major universities shows us that a softer, better communication method works with almost every dog. For more details please feel free to contact us, or visit us at one of our next shows, where we will demonstrate this system with any dog.  There are many bright beautiful colors to select from.  Matching Doggie bag pouch available to match your leash.  Purchase with leash at discounted price of $15.00

    On a personal note: After much research on the prong collars, the over the nose collars and the leash that wrap around the kidneys of the dog, I personally find them cruel and inhumane.  The information and photo's available, about these methods, on the Internet are heart breaking.  There is a much more gentle and easier way to teach your dog.  Let us show it to you.

    We have all had that uncomfortable pulling on the leash, where the nylon, rope or hard plastic has chaffed the sides of our hands and actually hurt us and can't be that comfortable for your best friend.

    All Our leather leashes are carefully handmade to specific specifications with quality leather for just the right feel. Your leash will soften with age and use, to a supple feel specifically for you.   The comfort and flexible design of our leashes in your hands will give you the freedom and feel to really connect with your dog and enjoy your time together. 

    This Gentle Command system works by simulating the action of a mother dog teaching and correcting her puppies with a loving gentle short grip around their neck to gain their attention, which, I believe, dogs retain, remember, and therefore respond to this action without much resistance. Dogs want to please you with their good behavior, but up until development of the Gentle Command, owners were not communicating in a way the dog could understand. Other leashes and collars try to make the pulling more comfortable for the dog owner and more forceful on the dog.  

    The Gentle Command uses an ergonomic design that (when used correctly, as designed) keeps the collar, leash and owners hand in line down the center of the dogs back, rather than allowing the collar and leash to migrate to left or right side of the dog.  Other designs allow or use a leash and / or collar that migrate to the side that the dog owner is walking on, which results a sideways pulling on your dog.  The dogs react in a natural reaction of pulling back away from the owner.  The same reaction you would have if someone were pulling you forcibly you would pull back.


  • At any time, during the life of one of our Braided Leather leashes or Braided leather Reins, manufactured by us, the braiding should come apart, a snap should break or any other failure in the workmanship should occur, we will repair or replace it at no cost to you. Simply call or email us for an Return order number and ship it back to us. We will repair or replace it and ship it back to you. Please refer to our warranty page for details

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Color may vary by leather lot and availability. The colors shown are close and best examples of colors we regularly use. Each hide dye lot is slightly different. We will do our best to match our display photo's, rarely do we have an issue as we try to keep photo's current. However, if you receive a leash and the color isn't what you wish you may contact us for a store credit return for another color, provided the leash has not been used. We will do our best to accommodate you.